What is a curriculum?

It is a list of the subjects, techniques and drills that make up a training course.

Krav Maga was structured around a curriculum based techniques developed by Imi with a foundation in military materials. Imi, along with several of his students, organized the techniques and adopted the belt grading system, ranked by colors, in an attempt to be recognized by the Jodo Federation of Israel.

In the 80’s, based on principles of movements in the techniques, the curriculum was rearranged by Eyal Yanilov and the patch system was introduced, differentiating Krav Maga from other martial arts. The patch system includes: five practitioner levels, followed by five graduate levels, five expert levels and three master levels.

The Krav Maga curriculum evolves depending on the head instructor of an organization.
According to Amnon, the Krav Maga curriculum should be comprised of the general knowledge and should be transparent to all with the end goal of providing a correct understanding/interpretation and usage of that knowledge in real world situations.

You are welcome to view the Krav Maga Curriculum pdf that Amnon Darsa works by:

  • Practitioner levels
  • Graduate levels
  • Expert Levels

Visits Amnon’s website for more information:

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