Empowerment Self Defense Workshop coming up!

From women for women only! Harassment and violence can take many different forms, and when targeted at women, they often take on a specific form. Next to the typical scenario of the "creep on the street", verbal and physical harassment also take place in the work space or even within circles closer to you. How [...]

SMART Krav Maga camp Ardennes

Dear SMART Kravers, May 15/16/17th 2020, SMART Belgium will organize a Krav Maga weekend in the Belgian Ardennes near to picturesque Han-sur-Lesse.During 2 nights and 2 days you will experience training outdoors in a beautiful natural environment.Besides revision of all P-level curricula (preparation for upcoming level test, June 20th), there will be special trainings, on [...]


amnondarsa.com Amnon Darsa is indisputably one of the world’s greatest Krav Maga professionals. Amnon started training in Krav Maga when he was just thirteen years old, and from 1988 was the protégé of Eyal Yanilov, Imi’s closest and most trusted student. Before creating S.M.A.R.T Krav Maga Amnon created Krav Maga Core, and before thathe spent [...]

Krav Maga end of year level test

The Krav Maga Brussels instructor team congratulates all Krav Maga students, from Gembloux, Namur, Fernelmont, Liege and Brussels, that participated and passed the level test last Sunday! A picture of all the Krav Maga students that participated in the SMART Krav Maga Belgium level test last Sunday in Gembloux and the instructors that made it [...]


Three weeks ago, we organized our very first ESD - Empowerment Self Defense - workshop in Koekelberg, Brussels. 8 fantastic women actively worked on the following principles of ESD: Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell. It was an intensive, moving and energizing day, that went by surprisingly fast! We wanted to share some of the great [...]