Last night C.Q.C. fun! Video..

Yes, we had fun last night at our Thursday special training. This time the special was all about Close-Quarters Combat. Armed and unarmed-conflict is covered by C.Q.C. impact weapons, edged weapons and adapted weapons (every day items which in critical incidents can be used as weapons). Check out the video! Interested to join our nextContinue reading “Last night C.Q.C. fun! Video..”

Learning self defense for free

Learn self-defense for free! Join us now and train for free until January. Sign up for a trial class on our website: For the end of the year we offer a special promotion for new beginner self-defense students. Register after a free trail class and you may join our training until end of thisContinue reading “Learning self defense for free”

Here we go, our next workshop is coming up! Only a few places left!

From women for women only! Harassment and violence can take many different forms, and when targeted at women, they often take on a specific form. Next to the typical scenario of the “creep on the street”, verbal and physical harassment also take place in the work space or even within circles closer to you. HowContinue reading “Here we go, our next workshop is coming up! Only a few places left!”

Newsletter Q4

Dear SMART Kravers, This is the newsletter for Q4; we are going to finish this year with a BANG! 1. Workshop “Empowerment Self Defense” Last August, Nina participated in a special training in New York to become an Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) Instructor. Empowerment Self Defense is a self defense system from women for women,Continue reading “Newsletter Q4”

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