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Hi Kravers,

We trust that you had a fantastic summer vacation and that you relished your well-earned break. However, it’s now time to get BACK to WORK!

The GOOD NEWS; As of September 5th, we have restarted our Krav Maga classes.

We are looking forward to a year of fun, hard work and getting back in shape!

See you soon!  


More good news: Judyta has passed the Graduate 2 level test and Maurits passed his Expert 2 level test, after years of preparation and one week of hard training in Germany with our chief instructor Amnon Darsa.

Also interested in training and passing your level test with our chief instructor? We will inform you soon about approaching training opportunities with Amnon Darsa.    ­

The upcoming level test in Brussels for the P1 level is planned for November 25th!


There are no classes on official holidays and the following dates:


22/12/23 – 07/01/24



ESD Belgium

Every third Sunday of the month (exact dates on Meetup), ladies are welcome for an open workshop to discover their inner power! For all genders ESD, send your requests to Maurits. 

ESD Global Summer Experience – New York 2023

Our ESD Global Movement representatives gathered in New York for six consecutive days to strategize, enhance their ESD and IMPACT skills, and celebrate the third Violence Prevention Conference. Over 100 participants from various countries across six continents joined the event, where six trainings ran concurrently, including Global ESD Ecosystem Incubator, ESD Training of Trainers for All-Gender and Women’s Level 1 Cohort, All-Gender Lead Instructor Training, Levels 2-4 Mentee Accelerator, and IMPACT Personal Safety Instructor Training. Lia Jobava graduated from L1 training, and we welcome her as a new member of the ESD Belgium network. Additionally, SMART Krav Maga instructors Judyta and Maurits have taken their next steps towards becoming fully certified IMPACT Lead and Padded Instructors.

What’s ESD? 

Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) is a comprehensive and proven system that takes a holistic approach to self-defence and violence prevention. It prioritizes empowerment and aims to address the full range of violence faced by marginalized groups. The training includes physical self-defence techniques as well as a variety of other tactics, such as verbal de-escalation strategies, situational awareness skills, and confidence-building exercises. ESD training is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its teachings.

Want to know more? Check the ESD Belgium website!

ESD professionals from Belgium, Estonia, Albania, Poland, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Kosove, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

IMPACT Global Europe team in New York 2023

IMPACT Belgium

Impact Global is coming to Europe! Full-force, adrenaline-based training for ALL GENDERS.

Registrations are open!! Go and claim your early bird discount while it lasts!

What makes IMPACT training so powerful? It takes away the fears and doubts you might not even know you had, and in return, it connects you to an inner power you may not think you had. Emotionally, mentally and physically.

And that changes the way you perceive yourself, the way you interact with others, and the way you live your life.

It is one of the most liberating and empowering forms of training you will ever go through.

Follow the link for more information and registration:

@impactglobal_europe @impactglobalvp @esdglobalselfdefense @esdglobal_europe

Brussels Self-Defense Meetup

Join the Brussels Self-Defense Meetup to not miss any upcoming Krav Maga, ESD or Impact seminars or training camps.

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Send an SMS message with your name and text “add to WhatsApp” to +32 468156004 (Maurits) to be added to our WhatsApp group.

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Train hard and have fun!
Team SMART Krav Maga Brussels

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