This November: Empowerment Self Defense Course for women!

While the October courses are finishing, two more specialized Empowerment Self Defense courses will be starting in November!

About this course


Harassment and violence can take many different forms, and when targeted at women, they often take on a specific form. Next to the typical scenario of the “creep on the street”, verbal and physical harassment also take place in public crowded spaces (like bars), the work space or even within circles closer to you.

How do we deal with this, and what can you get out of this workshop?

1) In a series of 5 workshops, we will focus on the MENTAL, VERBAL and PHYSICAL skills that you can use in different scenarios.

2) You will learn and train concrete tools that you can use immediately.

3) You will discuss, play, laugh and exercise with a great group of women and become part of an empowering community!

Open to everyone:

– above 18 years old

– all types of physiques and fitness levels

– who identifies as female

Covid safety:

We take Covid safety measurement very serious. A covid safe ticket will be required, accompanied by your identity card. Additionally, we measure everyone’s temperature at the start of every class.

Limited number of places available!

Every Sunday in Ixelles from 2 to 4pm – find info & tickets here.

Every Tuesday in Schaerbeek from 6:30 to 8;30pm – find info & tickets here.

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