Newsletter Q1 2021

Dear Kravers,

We hope you all made it through 2020 without too much difficulties and we wish you all the best for 2021! We are looking forward to a year of getting back to “business” and getting back in shape! More about all of that later on in this newsletter. Enjoy reading and see you soon at our trainings, seminars or trainingcamps.

1. Our goals for 2021

Given the ongoing pandemic and its associated uncertainties, Team SMART Krav Maga Brussels has agreed to some general principles rather than specific goals:

  • we will do the best we can under the circumstances.
  • at least for the foreseeable future, any permitted training will be done ad hoc via meetup until normality resumes.
  • we will maintain the online HIIT sessions
  • we do not charge the usual annual fee at this time (a pro rata fee later in the year might be suitable if full normality is resumed)

2. Online High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

To stay fit during any lockdown, we are all doing work outs at home of course.

To support and motivate each other, some of us are meeting for online HIIT sessions twice a week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:00.

Want to join us? Keep an eye out for the Zoom invitation in our Whatsapp group.

Not in our Whatsapp group yet? Send a messsage to Nina or Maurits!

3. Brussels Self-Defense Krav Maga Meetup

Join the Brussels Self-Defense Krav Maga Meetup to not miss any upcoming Krava maga training, seminars or trainingcamps.

4. Empowerment Self Defense & IMPACT

ESD & IMPACT instructor training Albania

As you might or might not be aware of, Nina started training to be an Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) instructor in 2019 in New York. In 2020 she started her training as an ESD Master Instructor and IMPACT instructor in Jerusalem. This is an ongoing process that will allow her to grow as a Self Defense professional. Against all odds in Covid times, she was invited to give an ESD & IMPACT Level 1 instructor training in Albania last year November! The training was organized with multiple  partners, including UN Women. Fun fact – our SMART head instructor Amnon Darsa also participated as a padded instructor for IMPACT.

Empowerment Self Defense is an evidence-based self defense system for women and vulnaurable groups, keeping in mind the reality that most violence is experienced in familiar circles by people that we know. This changes the dynamics of violent encounters, including verbal, emotional & physical violence. The main objective is violence prevention, empowerment & equality.


IMPACT is a specific self defense program which aims to prevent sexual assault, harrassment and any other boundary violations. It includes a lead instructor, and a fully padded instructor. In this program, realistic scenarios are mimicked which allow women to experience high-stress situations and fight back with all their force. Training as realistically as possible under stress allows for your muscle memory to retain the moves you have learned, and shorten your freeze response if you ever do find yourself in such a situation. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! Fun fact: Nina’s mother took an IMPACT course last year at the age of 60 (!) and was absolutely fierceless.

Both Empowerment Self Defense & IMPACT are trauma informed and research-backed self defense systems. If you want to know more, have a look at: &

Hopefully we will get IMPACT and more ESD trainings to Belgium in 2021! Stay tuned!

You can follow Nina on Facebook if you want to stay updated on these events. Feel free to contact her directly if you have any questions or would like to know more!

5. Stock SALE! Dry-fit T-shirts SMART Krav Maga

Are you interested in getting an extra dry fit SMART Krav Maga T-shirt or you do not have one yet? We are selling the last 2020 design SMART Krav Maga T-shirts for the reduced price of 15 euro(normally 20 euro, price does not include 2,20 euro shipping costs). Place your order by e-mail to

6. Keep in touch and share

If you have any specific questions and/or remarks, please don’t hesate to contact us directly through email, Facebook or Whatsapp.

Send a SMS message with your name and text “add to whatsapp” to +32 491526232 (Nina) or +32 468156004 (Maurits) to be added to our Whatsapp group.

Have you been enjoying our classes? Please give us a review or some feedback on our Facebook site, Google or Twitter:



Train hard and have fun!
Team SMART Krav Maga Brussels

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