Newsletter Q2 2020

Dear SMART Kravers,

This is the newsletter for Q2 2020…

1. Covid 19

For the past few weeks, SMART Krav Maga Brussels has been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 throughout Belgium and we have been following guidance from local health authorities to ensure we have the right plans and resources in place to safeguard your health and well – being. 

As you are probably aware, movement within Belgium is severely restricted until the 19th of April with a high probability to be further extended. Group gatherings are banned, and it’s advised to keep social distancing. Given these circumstances, we have been left with no choice than to postpone the regular Krav Maga classes, the SMART Krav Maga Camp in Ardennes and level tests, until further notice

We will continue monitoring things closely and will keep you informed in case of any changes. In the meantime, we will also transfer back your camp contributions, as we cannot predict how the situation will evolve.  

SMART Krav Maga Brussels’ students may postpone the payments of the monthly fees until we get back to regular training.

Remember your safety is always our top priority! 

Stay strong and healthy!

2. Online High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

To stay fit during the lockdown, we are all doing work outs at home of course.

To support and motivate each other, some of us are meeting for online HIIT sessions three times a week, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 19:00.

Want to join us? Keep an eye out for the Zoom invitation in our Whatsapp group.

Not in our Whatsapp group yet? Send a messsage to Nina or Maurits!

3. Krav Maga Curriculum

What is a curriculum?

Find the answer and download your Krav Maga curriculum on our website now:

Curriculum Download

4. Thursday Q&A sessions and Krav Maga videos

Soon we will be sharing Krav Maga training videos and start with online Q&A sessions where we will discuss Krav Maga Curriculum, how to train Krav Maga by yourself at home and of course we will try to answer all your questions concerning Krav Maga and self defense. Q&A sessions will be announced in the Whatsapp group or drop us a message at if you prefer to be notified by e-mail.

5. Online Empowerment Self Defense workshops

Hello! Hello!

Meet Bob! We offer online Empowerment Self Defense workshops for young people, women and parents with their children!

* Have you always wanted to try a self-defense or assertivity course?
* Are you a teacher who would like to do a workshop against bullying with your students?
* Are you a parent who would like to teach your child about setting limits and self-defense?

Then contact us! One or more online workshops will learn:

– recognise potentially dangerous situations and escalating
– how you can physically and verbally define your borders
– Some basic physical self-defense techniques

What do you need? Internet, a little space, a mattress or something similar, and a little imagination 🙂

Interested? Send us a private message via Facebook or email!

Bob and I will react as soon as possible!


6. Upcoming seminars and Krav Maga camps



7. Keep in touch and share

If you have any specific questions and/or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly through email, Facebook or Whatsapp.

Send a SMS message with your name and text “add to whatsapp” to +32 491526232 (Nina) or +32 468156004 (Maurits) to be added to our Whatsapp group.

Have you been enjoying our classes? Please give us a review or some feedback on our Facebook site, Google or Twitter:



Train hard and have fun!
Team SMART Krav Maga Brussels
Nina, Alex, JP and Maurits

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