Erfurt Training Camp

As in 2019 Amnon Darsa will come to Erfurt to conduct a full week of training with our friends at PSV (that stands for Polizei Sport Verband Erfurt). And the good new is : you can be there too.

Undersigned was there in 2019 and it was amaaaaazinnnng. First of all, the members of PSV (who coincidentally, apart from 2 policemen have nothing to do with the police) are fun and made me feel at home immediately, despite the fact that I do not speak any German.

The second reason is that these guys leave nothing to chance. To conduct a bar fight session, they arranged a mega dancing and the noise and the smoke that goes with it. Check out the link

For the carjacking/road rage session they organised a trip to a car breaker yard where we practiced the techniques in real cars. And that wasn’t all, for the public transportation session, they arranged a bus and a tram. We practiced while the vehicles moved…

Like last year, most days will be split in basic level training in the morning and seminar style training in the afternoon or evening. This year we will i.e. go for fighting in an airplane (cabin simulator), fighting in the woods or waters and we’ll have a session in a shooting range.

The third reason why this seminar is not to be missed is the opportunity to train with Amnon Darsa. Amnon is synonym for Krav Maga. He travels the world to deliver training, and wherever he is, it’s fun.

Date : May 30th to June 5th, 2020 Place : Erfurt, Germany
Language : English with translation to German or French if needed

If you want to go, don’t wait to long to reserve your spot (contact JeePee). The people at PSV cannot guarantee a place to stay otherwise.

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