Newsletter Q4

Dear SMART Kravers,

This is the newsletter for Q4; we are going to finish this year with a BANG!

1. Workshop “Empowerment Self Defense”

Last August, Nina participated in a special training in New York to become an Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) Instructor. Empowerment Self Defense is a self defense system from women for women, that starts from the fact that most women suffer from violence by people that they know. Think about partners, family, friends and colleagues. Aggression or harassment by people who are close to you is often more subtle, confusing and covers lots of grey areas.  
In addition to the physical skills that we learn in for example Krav Maga, ESD includes the following points:

*What is violence? And what are indications of potential danger?*What are your boundaries? And how do you verbalize them?*Using your voice: verbal deescalation techniques and saying NO*The importance of self-care: asking for help AND sharing success stories 
A workshop will be coming up soon! With special discount for SMART members. Stay tuned!

2. Website

SMART Krav Maga Brussels has recently launched a new website! Check it out on!

Please help us to promote our website to attract new students.

Feel free to share your feedback with us.

3. Bring a friend or family member

Bring your friends/colleagues/family for a free trial class and get free months of training upon their registration.

1 registration = one month free training for you

2 registrations = two months free training for you

4. Facebook

Have you been enjoying our classes? Please give us a review or some feedback on our facebook site and LIKES!

5. Thursday training

Every first Thursday of the month we will give a special training, outside of the regular curriculum. High level Krav Maga!

Any subjects you would like to have a special training on?

On following dates, we will train “outdoors”:

October 10th

November 7th

November 28th

December 12th

6. Winter stop

We will have a short break as last week of December till second week of January . This means the following:

6.1 Last training: Thursday 19th of December – from 20h to 21h – followed by drinks and snacks.

– We will provide for some drinks & snacks – but don’t hesitate to take something along if you’re craving for something special.

– Also: feel free to take along friends & family! This last training is open for all SMART members, also if you don’t train on Thursday’s.

6.2 Start of the new year: we will restart regular classes as of Tuesday 7th of January.

7. Payments

As agreed to in the terms & conditions of your registration, monthly payments are ongoing throughout the whole year. Also during the winter stop, and/or when you have not been attending classes for a month or so.

These fees also cover extra-curricular trainings and your annual insurance. If you have been missing classes, you are more than welcome to catch up on other training days that you don’t regularly attend.

In case of special circumstances, such as injuries/moving out of Brussels/long term illness/deregistration/etc, please contact us directly.

8. P-level testing

 Exact date is still to be determined and will be announced soon, but we are in discussion with nearby clubs to arrange a suitable date.

All of you are on great track – and we feel that we want to take advantage of the last season of this year to freshen up your KM skills in order to nail that exam (we know you will make us proud)!

Level testing is not obliged, but it will allow you to have a clear idea of where you stand on the Krav Maga ladder and push yourself further. Please note: regular training is necessary in order to properly prepare yourself for the exams.

9. Upcoming seminars and Krav Maga camps

Special Knife Attack Seminar

Sunday, 13 October 2019 from 08:30-12:30

Salle de l’extension (behind the main omnisport building) – Rue Chapelle-Dieu 48,Gembloux

Knife attacks are unfortunately a reality in the world we live in. Being prepared (as in trained) can significantly improve your chances of getting out and limiting the damage to yourself and your loved ones.

Partitioners of all levels are welcome to this seminar. The training will start with a recap of techniques you have already seen and will then evolve into more advanced techniques.

Quintin Mazy is the trainer. He is known to be a very gentle soul, but very precise when it comes to Krav Maga techniques. The seminar will be in French and Frenglish. No-one is left out… And as always it will be fun. Yours truly can testify that training with our friends in Wallonia is a happy experience.

Price: 40 €

Course: 3 hours of learning with revision of advanced basic techniques and techniques. 1 hours of drill in real and semi-real condition

Special: use of markers knives to observe the shots received.

Material: all your protections – gloves-Tibia-Shell-protect tooth and a white shirt.

Optional but highly recommended: Protection Helmet and avant-Arm Protection.

Number of places limited. Registration deadline: 10 October. Contact Quintin directly on for reservations and payment information.


A few more places are available for the Camp in Israel this October, so please Register asap, And share this with other people! WE are going to have a great camp! Info & booking:

If you have any specific questions and/or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly through email, facebook or whatsapp.



Train hard and have fun!
Team SMART Krav Maga Brussels
Nina, Alex, JP and Maurits

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